Who We Are

We are a family owned and operated farm in Milford, New Hampshire. We are dedicated to maintaining our New Hampshire heritage in farming. We make our products with just the right mix of technology, tradition and old fashion ingenuity. We still make our pure Maple Syrup the old fashion way on a wood fired evaporator, but we use a new smaller health tap to protect the health of the trees.

The Tree Field

The Christmas Season is upon us and it is time to buy your tree. Since 1996, we have provided the local community with options in Fraser Fir, Balsam Fir, and Blue and White Spruce for Christmas tree pleasures. We offer complimentary wagon rides, hot cocoa, and hot apple cider each Saturday when you come to cut your own Christmas Tree, so bundle up and bring your family and come cut a tree.

Dave teaching some local school-children about tapping

We may be covered in snow now but come February it will start warming up and be time to make Maple Syrup. We tap trees in several locations in the Milford area. Our Maple Syrup is made by the fourth generation with sap from trees on land that has been family owned since 1897. With a wide variety of plastic and decorative glass containers we provide choices in syrup for gifts and kitchen table use.


The Sugar House


This is a 4×12 ft evaporator. The fire is fed every 5-10 minutes and has forced draft fans that makes the fire burn hotter.


It produces so much steam. Unless we keep the doors wide open, it fills the room with so much steam that we can’t see each other. It’s like walking around in a cloud.


Checking to see if the syrup is sheeting off the scoop. When it sheets properly it’s ready. James (holding the scoop) is third generation making syrup.


Bottling the sweet stuff.


This is happy. Dave created him to explain the process of tapping to the kids that come by on tours. He’s happy when we have warm days and cold nights.